The Cantheist Creed*

Call and response by officiant and congregants:

We Believe that
Cannabis sativa
, L., is the Useful Cane
and the True Hemp.
Therefore, we honor it with high honor.

Cannabis Hemp is a restorative natural resource for all to grow, share and use and humanity has a unique and shared history with this plant.
Therefore, we bring cannabis into our lives.

Cannabis Hemp is endowed with safe and effective healing powers, some of which remain unexplained.
Therefore, we offer cannabis to ease suffering and add balance to life.

Cannabis Hemp is an intuitive sacrament we use to connect with ourselves and our community.
Therefore, we share cannabis in thanksgiving and deep respect for her resinous effect.

The virtuous cultivation and dissemination of cannabis are honorable professions.
Therefore we act with integrity and honesty to safeguard fellow Cantheists.

Inhale and pass it on.

The Cantheist / Cannatheist Code and
Sharing the Communion

We work for cannabis equality, a better world and an end to discrimination.

We practice and share the Cantheist sacrament and belief — but let us not be obnoxious about it.

Place left hand over your heart and take a breath, pass the sacrament to the right using the right hand. Make eye contact, say ‘Cannamaste.’

* This version of the Cantheist Creed was slightly revised in January 2018 by agreement of the Cannatheist Council in El Sobrante California USA.


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